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Business Services

If you are starting out as a new business or been in business for years, I can assist you with accurate recordkeeping and reporting so you can focus on your business. I provide bookkeeping services to a  variety of industries. When you hire me, you will receive services personalized to your accounting needs.  I will help advise you on accounting software, 3rd Party App integration, payroll services, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. I can meet with you monthly, quarterly, or once a year to help you with your financial needs and goals. Meetings can be in person, online, or over the phone to discuss accounting procedures, efficient ways to complete accounting tasks, and any training needs. I can help set up QuickBooks® data files and integrate apps to help you in your day-to-day workflow. I will communicate with your CPA firm and provide items needed for your tax return preparation.

Need help getting caught up with your books I can help with that too. I will enter past data and balance accounts to bank statements, credit card and/or loan statements. I will correct misallocated entries and ensure you have accurate reports to pass onto your CPA firm for taxes.

Bookkeeping Services offered:

❖ Setup your QuickBooks® software

❖ Enter bank transactions and Bank Reconciliations.

❖ Accounts Payable – enter bills and bill payments.

❖ Accounts Receivable – Enter invoices, enter payments/deposits.

❖ Payroll processing in QuickBooks®.

❖ Reporting.

❖ Work with your CPA firm – communicate and provide needed items for your tax return.

❖ Diagnostic Review of your QuickBooks® data file

❖ Training and Support for QuickBooks®.

❖ Catch up work or clean up of QuickBooks® data.

❖ Conversion from QuickBooks® Desktop to QuickBooks® Online

Bookkeeping and App Advisory Services

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