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Let me take care of the numbers while you run your business. 

I offer Bookkeeping and App Advisory services to small and medium-size businesses in a variety of  industries.  Let me do a diagnostic review of your QuickBooks and clean up the data to get accurate financials.

About Me 

Welcome! I have been working in the accounting and bookkeeping field for over 30 years. I offer bookkeeping and advisory services to small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries. I specialize in using QuickBooks® software and have been using the software since 1998, helping clients with installation, setup, troubleshooting, training, and cleanup. As a Member of the QuickBooks® ProAdvisor Program, I am an Advanced Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor for QuickBooks® Desktop and Certified in QuickBooks® Online. I am detail orientated and love to help businesses stay organized, efficient in their day-to-day record keeping, and most importantly watching them grow and succeed in reaching their goals.

 My husband and I are originally from South Africa, hence the added touch of Africa on my website, using my personal photos captured during my trips back there. I love to travel, spending time at the beach, and going on Safari game drives when I visit South Africa.

I look forward to sharing my professional and personal knowledge and expertise with you. 


What I Do

  • I offer bookkeeping services to small businesses in a variety of industries. I help you deliver accurate reports to your CPA for tax preparations, audits, and financial consulting. 

  • I will take on the daily entry of transactions in your QuickBooks® software so you can focus on your business. Services will include recording revenue and expenses to creating bank reconciliations to give you a better understanding of your financial picture at a glance.

  • I can assist you with the setup of your QuickBooks® software data file and offer training and support so you are getting the most out of your software. 


  • I offer QuickBooks® software data file review, clean up and/or catch up services to get you up to date. 


  • I can help you find 3rd party apps that integrate with QuickBooks® software to help make daily tasks efficient and streamlined. 


  • I have working relationships with accounting and tax professionals I can refer you to for your tax and financial planning needs beyond bookkeeping. 


Business Services

Bookkeeping and Advisory Services 


​Services offered for QuickBooks® software   

Please note that I am an Independent Consulting Professional and do not work for Intuit®

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